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Our Story

Lee's has been a family owned business since 1983. It started on Kearny Street in San Francisco as a simple deli known for fresh oven-roasted turkey sandwiches. Over the past 37 years, it evolved with the times, adding bagels, breakfast sandwiches, salads, burgers, hot Chinese food, and most recently - our house made dim sum. We currently have several locations in the San Francisco Financial District and one location in Menlo Park. We have a varied menu to satisfy our customers' breakfast and lunch cravings.


We are now offering our house made dim sum frozen to be cooked in the comfort of your home! We deliver our frozen dim sum throughout the Bay Area to your front door for you to enjoy a hot dim sum meal whenever you want!


Frozen Dim Sum 

Stock up your freezer, then heat and enjoy whenever you want!


Weekly Delivery Schedule:

East Bay (Tuesday/Friday)

South Bay (Wednesday/Friday) 

Peninsula (Wednesday/Friday)

SF (Thursday)

Marin (Monday & Thursday)

Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl

-frozen dim sum customer

"The dim sum was very good quality, the ingredients fresh, and the taste was on point. They're now my go to for delivered dim sum."

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