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Press Release: For For Immediate Release

Lee's Deli Brings 40 Years of Quality, Value to Premier Catering

San Francisco, CA - August 28, 2023 - Lee's Deli, a beloved family owned deli in the Bay Area for 40 years, announces its transformation to a premier catering service.

Since 1983, Lee's has served customers quality food at fair prices, with fast, friendly services and on time delivery. These principles of value, reliability and hospitality have defined Lee's for decades and now drive their catering.

"We're thrilled to bring the same commitment to quality, service and care that has made Lee's into an institution for generations into our catering" said owner Lee Quan.

Lee's catering showcases their signature sandwiches, dim sum, salads and diverse menus tailored to every taste and diet. Their team handles events with care and safety. Whether for corporate functions, family celebrations or virtual events, Lee's Catering delivers excellence with a human touch.

COVID-19 brought significant changes, accelerating remote work and virtual events. But Lee remains dedicated to delighting customers and serving their community. This new chapter as a premier caterer continues their tradition of adapting while upholding their commitment to quality, service and hospitality.

"Though the world has changed, our dedication to treat every customer as family has not" added Quan

To learn more visit or contact Catering consultants provide custom quotes based on your vision, tastes and budget. For 40 years, Lee's has been an institution of value, care and quality. They look forward to to making your next event unforgettable.

About Lee's Deli:

A family owned deli serving the Bay Area for 40 years. Lee's brings commitment to quality, service and community into its premier catering business.

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